Dups Direct Insurance Limited
Dups Mall Mhlakuvane Street, Manzini
Mbabane Branch- (+268) 24046394
Liberty Life Swaziland Limited
2nd Floor, South Wing Building, Mbabane Office Park
Lidwala Insurance Company Limited
7th Floor, Sivuno House, Mar n and Ngwane Street, Manzini.
Metropolitan Insurance Company (Company) LTD
Lot 219, Somhlolo Road, Mbabane
Metropolitan Life Swaziland Limited
3rd Floor Mlonyeni Building Mbabane
Momentum Insurance Company (Swaziland) Limited
Lot 219, Somhlolo Road, Mbabane Office Park
Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SD) Ltd
4th Floor Ingcamu (PSPF) Building, Mhlambanyatsi Road, Mbabane
Orchard Insurance Limited
Office 11, 1st Floor Sokhamlilo Building, Mbabane
Phoenix of Swaziland Assurance Company Limited
Office NB04, North Block Corporate Place, Mbabane
Safrican Swaziland Insurance Company Ltd
Office No; Go3 Enguleni House Dairy Board Building, Manzini