Why Consumer Education

Why Consumer Education

In order to safeguard the interests of consumers and ensure proper compliance and orderly business activities of insurance and retirement fund entities in Swaziland, there is a need to carry out consumer education; as a critical success factor in consumer protection. Consumer education is a vital component for consumer protection. Insurance and retirement funds products are generally complex in nature and there are widespread problems caused by the ignorance of these products. It is therefore important that we empower consumers and promote their confidence, so that they may be in a position to understand and make the right choices as they transact on such products.

The principal officer of a retirement fund

1. Who is a Principal Officer A Principal Officer is someone appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Retirement Fund to be the executive officer […]

The responsibilities of trustees

1. Who is a trustee A trustee is someone who has been elected or appointed into the Board of Trustees of a Retirement Fund (also known […]

What to ask when you take a funeral policy

1. Is the seller registered or not? It is mandatory that any person carrying on the business of insurance should possess a registration certificate from the […]

Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to insurance!

Your rights: 1. You have a right to be informed; in simple and clear terms how the insurance works and how it will meet your needs. […]